Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The answers according to the exam committee

As usual, a few days after the publication of the results, also the Examiner's report is downloadable from the EPO website. In the Examiner's report, you can find the correct answers and argumentation to the questions of the exam.
I am pleased to see that our provisional answers as we provided them in March are exactly the same as expected by the exam committee. Thanks to the candidates who provided us with the exam paper and helped us finding the right answers back then.

In addition, the exam committee gives some indication of the alternative answers that have been given by many of the candidates. Unfortunately, the report is not very clear about whether any marks have been awarded for these alternative answers. And if so, how many. For example, they say:
Attacks on claim 8 starting from Annex 6 are weaker than the expected one, since they require the combination of three documents.
Does that mean that you could still get some marks for an attack starting from Annex 6? I don't know, but I will surely ask the committee in October when we have the pleasure to meet the committee members in person to discuss last years exam.


  1. any idea if the EQE will be posting example candidate answers? If so, when? Thanks.

  2. Good question. On October 12, we will discuss last year's papers with the Exam committees. We will then ask them whether they are still planning to do this.