Friday, 9 March 2012

Intermezzo: famous composers

As usual, the exam committee has put some effort in coming up with a coherent set of names. This year's topic: famous composers and operas. They scrambled some of the names, but I was able to discern the following:

A1 - Claude Debussy (representative/composer), Vincenzo Bellini (street/composer), Scala (city/famous opera house in Milan), Norma (proprietor/famous work of Bellini), Donizetti (inventor/composer)
A2 - Beethoven (inventor/composer), Fidelio (applicant/work of Beethoven)
A3 - Giuseppi Verdi (inventor/composer), Othello (applicant/opera by Verdi/play of Shakespeare)
A4 - Georges Bizet (inventor/composer), La bohème (applicant/famous opera by Puccini)
A5 - Giacomo Puccini (inventor/composer)
A6 - Richard ('Richie' for intimi) Wagner (inventor/composer)

Considering the clear link between Puccini and La bohème, I am expecting an inventive step attack using A4 and A5.

Does anyone know who or what Leon Cavallo, Charly Gouno, Toss KA and Lohen Green refer to?

UPDATE: I see that also D2 included some composers. It is, however, clear that the D paper also aims at the less educated candidate. The composers used there are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz and Johann Strauss.
The mechanical A paper had some funny names only to be understood by the Dutch. In a paper about frying food, Mr. Oliebol and Mr. Beignet come into play. Oliebollen en beignets are typical fried foods for New Year's Eve.


  1. I assume Lohen Green refers to Lohengrin and Toss KA to Tosca.

    1. You're certainly correct. Those operas are composed by the composers already mentioned in their respective documents.


    2. In continuation of my previous post, I believe Leon Cavallo refers to Leoncavallo, the italian composer and Charly Gouno to Charles Gounod, the composer of Faust.

  2. Thank you for analyzing, i wasn't ware of that! This is a great continuation of the 'funny names tradition' which I particularly recall from the C Exam with the beer brands (Amstel, Leuwen etc...)