Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Training for resitters

For those who unfortunately failed the C exam, DeltaPatents has extended its programme for providing additional training and guidance for resitters.

We offer the following choice:

  1. 1. 3-day C Methodology Course for re-sitters
  2. 2. NEW: 1-day ‘Guided resitting’ course for paper C
  3. 3. Correction of your exam paper
  4. 4. NEW: Personal guidance

A detailed description can be found here: resitters courses.

In addition, you can use:

  • our normal range of training courses, such as guided exam training
  • our training material, such as the updated C Methodology book (reflecting the new guidelines) and our updated model solutions.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Changes to Paper C in EQE 2013

For those preparing for paper C in EQE2013, a few things will change. The Examination Board has issued a communication on this subject, replicated below. Additionally, the Guidelines have been thoroughly revised and restructured.

At this moment we are finishing updating our courses and course materials for these changes. Furthermore, we are fine tuning our methodology to make our training even more effective. It is highly recommended that you prepare using up-to-date material and attend courses that have been updated for the new exam. As before, our courses fully focus on teaching you how to argue as desired for this exam. We provide unique detailed templates and flow-charts to assist you in quickly analysing the paper, identifying the attacks and thoroughly argue the attacks. Time management, even more an issue in EQE2013, is an integral part of our courses.

For more details, please continue reading

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Further EQE paper C 2012 statistics

If Pete can make nice figures, so can I.
Some additional statistics for paper C:
  • 1410 candidates scored above 0
  • the average score was 41.56
  • 467 candidates (33.12%) passed the exam
  • 157 candidates (11.13%) scored a compensable fail
  • 786 candidates (55.74%) failed

    For those who passed: Congratulations!
    For those who failed: We have some excellent courses that I would like to recommend.
    On an unrelated note: Rome is a very nice city to visit.

  • Wednesday, 18 July 2012

    2012, a difficult year

    According to the results as published by the EPO, the pass rate for the C exam was a little lower than in the previous two years. Of 1410 candidates scoring more than 0 marks, only 33.12% passed the exam, and 11.13% scored a compensable fail.

    No examiner's report has been published yet. At this moment, we can only guess what problems lead to this disappointing result.