Friday, 17 July 2015

Examiner report EQE Paper C 2015 available

The Examiner report for Paper C of the 2015 EQE is available on the EPO website. The official answer seems to correspond with our preliminary answer given just after the Exam.

Based on the report it is not entirely clear how much marks were available for the novelty attack on Claim 1 based on the oral disclosure related to A2. The possible solution includes this novelty attack. However the introduction gives the impression that only two novelty attacks were required, but that 'marks were available'. We may hear more at the annual meeting of EQE tutors and the EQE committee.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Results Main Exam EQE 2015 now available!

Today, 2 July 2015, the results from the EQE Main Exam 2015 were made available on the EQE webpages (pdf), as a list showing the marks per EQE regnr. The pdf-file also indicates that the official results letters will be dispatched as of 14 July onwards, and that only the results as notified in the official results letter are legally binding.

Pass rates for each of the papers papers and score distributions are presented in our general EQE blog: