Friday, 17 July 2015

Examiner report EQE Paper C 2015 available

The Examiner report for Paper C of the 2015 EQE is available on the EPO website. The official answer seems to correspond with our preliminary answer given just after the Exam.

Based on the report it is not entirely clear how much marks were available for the novelty attack on Claim 1 based on the oral disclosure related to A2. The possible solution includes this novelty attack. However the introduction gives the impression that only two novelty attacks were required, but that 'marks were available'. We may hear more at the annual meeting of EQE tutors and the EQE committee.


  1. I am very concerned about the time management in Paper C.
    Do attacks on independent claims attract more marks than attacks on dependent ones?

    I am wondering whether it makes sense to get the attacks on independent claims out of the way first and then proceed with the dependent claims after that.

    On the other hand, the attacks on dependent claims appear to flow more smoothly because all the features of the referred independent claim are still fresh in my mind. So it comes down to whether the fat points are on the independent claims.

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