Wednesday, 28 September 2022

EQE 2023 exam schedule now available: Paper C

The "Information on the schedule for the EQE 2023 examination papers" is now available on the EQE website

The EQE 2023 will take place online using the same setup as the EQE of 2021 and 2022.

Paper C will have the same syllabus and character as before, but it will be split into two parts of 3 hours each. The first part is to be completed before the break, with the second part only becoming available after the break. It will not be possible to go back to the first part after the break. Paper C lasts six hours (9:30-12:30 + 13:15-16:15)

Candidates will be allowed to print everything except the claims of the patent in suit/opposed. The documents allowed for printing will be made available approximately ten minutes before the start of each part.

(Note that that the document may be subject to minor changes as testing continues. Please check the EQE website for updates)

Please feel invited to post your comments. You are allowed to post anonymously and do not need an account, but please give your name or a nickname for an easy and inter-human interaction.

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  1. Herr Woudenberg! Guten Morgen!

    Which is better in your opinion? - The "Possible Solution" of the Examiner's report or the Candidate's answer?

    Thank you sire!